Battery Protection Options

Hi everyone–quick question about battery charging protection modules. Is there a reason to use a TP4056A based charging module over a TP4056E beyond charging speed for the specific purpose of charging a high drain lightsaber battery–either 18650 or 21700? Assuming both charging modules have the DW01A and 8205A protection chips.

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The protection chips on these modules are generally not used, since the max load is not high enough for sabers. Instead we rely on the protection chips attached to the battery itself, which usually has a max load of 15A for the batteries we use.

Don’t know anything specific about these modules, so I can’t say if there are any other reasons to prefer one or the other.

Oh no… Do you only use batteries that are already “protected” or are there higher amp battery protection circuits that you recommend? (something like: Protection Board 5S 18.5V/21V 15A PCB BMS 18560 Li-ion Lithium Battery Protection Board with Balance : Electronics)

I didn’t see such a beast on any of the saber parts sellers, nor a mention on the youtube build videos, so I didn’t know it was a thing.

The protected batteries are quite a bit larger than the unprotected batteries…
I may have to redesign the chassis… again. :wink: But thank you (as always) for setting me straight before I got everything soldered up.

Batteries with builtin protection are recommended.
External protection would also work, but it seldom practical.

The protection board you linked is meant for a 5-cell battery pack btw.

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