Battery level

Hi can I add the fonction battery level on my proffie v2.2 and if yes how can I do it?

What specific battery level function are you asking about? Visual effect, spoken voltage, spoken percent, something else? Also, which prop are you using?

I don’t know about prop what is it? I want to know the percent of battery to know how much time I can use it before put it in charge

Post your config using

config - there is here

To get spoken battery percent you need to set your config and SD to work with my prop.
See Set Up Instructions for Voice Prompts on this page:

You need to add the Voice Pack to “common” folder on your SD (in root directory), then you need to add “;common” to each preset per the example (or you can use Config Tool):

Then you need to add this define to your config (or select in the Config Tool)


Then review the controls for my prop to trigger (or if you use the Config Tool you can generate a custom Button/Control document to print out).

ok thank you

You’re welcome

Have you got an exemple of how I should put "common’ to each preset please?

It’s shown in the Set Up Instructions for Voice Prompts on the page I linked.