Battery Level on Core Accent Pixel "Blade"

Proffie Heart Core from TPS / UW has an 8 pixel accent “blade” on the back of the core. For the most part, I’ve just copied my main blade style to it, or put in a blank/off style to not waste the power on driving them.

I’m wondering how (if it’s possible) to just have it show the battery level there constantly when the blade is on as well as On Demand in the Blade Location (Green to Red) style. Like, On Demand only is easy, cause I can just make a dead-ass simple style with the builder (even one that’s “off” when the main blade is on) then the On Demand thing works as usual.

What my brain can’t parse is how I can have those accent LEDS show the battery level constantly when the saber is on. I feel like this might be one of those dead simple things, but my brain ain’t playing nice with it.

There’s a ton of battery level options in the library, just choose “Custom” On Behavior for the Accent Blade Style instead of “Match Blade Style” and select from the drop down list, same goes for Off behavior. I have a lot of different Battery Options.