Battery level and Volume control in config file

I recently added 3 new fonts and blade styles to my sabertrio proffie saber. Each of the presets that come with the saber out of the box has volume controls and a battery level meter but on the new fonts I added these functions no longer work and every time I try and do them the aux button just beeps. Another thing that happens is with the other presets the illuminated switch is on but with the new fonts the switch stays off.

Is there a way I can add all of these functions back to the new fonts I added?

above is my config file

Your second question first.

You have 2 blades, the main blade and the switch.

If you just look at what’s different between the ones they had compared to what you added, you’d see that the second blade style StylePtr<WHITE>(), and the “name” at the end of the preset are missing from the presets you added.
That is why 1. the switch doesn’t do anything, because you have no style for it and 2. you don’t get an error about the number of blades not matching number of styles because you didn’t include the “name” at the end.

As far as Volume Menu sounds, if the font doesn’t contain vmbegin, volup, voldown, vomend wav files, then you get beeps instead.
Either just copy them from another font that has those, or you should just have a ‘common’ font folder setup, where a copy of sounds in there would act as backup and get used for any file the first font in the font search path doesn’t have.


Read this:

I found a “common” folder in sabertrio’s proffie os folder and I named the new presets as you said. when I flash the board and try the use the new fonts again, along with the boot sound, there is something else that says …not found. I can’t pick up the first part because the boot sound is louder than it. I don’t know what happened

(new config)

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The ProffieOS/common folder should not be confused with a font common folder.
ProffieOS/common is for code files. Font common folder lives on your SD card and holds sounds.
Don’t copy the ProffieOS/common folder, that’s not what you want.
See “Setting up your SD card” section on this page:

### Setting up your SD card

You added the button’s style to presets that were missing it, that’s good.
You appended ;common to the TYTHONIAN_CRYSTAL preset, that’s good.
You should add it to ALL of them.

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I figured that out now and the sounds and volume control now work. my only problem now is that the battery meter makes a sound but there is no light. there is code for the battery meter in the config file at the end of presets 1-18. when I try to add the code, I get a compiling error. Do you know how I would be able to properly add that code to the other presets?

(same config file)

On-demand battery level is just an additional layer added to the style.
It can be triggered several ways, dependent on the prop you use.
Generally, you can just copy it from a preset that has it, but you need to mind the syntax.
Inserting a layer requires paying attention to opening and closing brackets.
Using the style editor is a good way to make sure it works.
So for Thanos for example, the last layer in that style is EFFECT_PREON.
The end of the layer ends as EFFECT_PREON> and is then followed by >>(), which is the closing bracket for Layers<> and StylePtr<>() from all the way back at the beginning of the style.
You’d add a comma after the preon layer, then insert the battery level there.
SO for visual, you’d take this:


and insert the battery level layer like this

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I edited each preset to look like that but I still get errors when compiling

never mind I figured it out. Thanks for your help

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Nice. No prob.

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