Banging my head against a wall

So the more I progress on this blade the further back I fall. Currently I can’t get any sounds to play t all on the blade. When I started, I had a whole set of fonts that the vendor had preinstalled. I asked him to send me the config file so I can play around and learn, and I think I have quite a bit. But now it’s been every single time I add a new font, sometimes the fonts conflict with each other (two sounds cutting into each other from two different presets), or “font directory not found” or some other frustrating thing. Currently I can’t get anything to work and at my wit’s end. I’ve put a pastebin up if someone would be kind enough to help me troubleshoot. I really wish there was some sort of syntax editor that can tell if I’m missing something somewhere. I’m basically just copy/pasting these from fett263. The saber I have is from CC sabers and it’s this one: CCSabers LUKE EP6 V2 ROTJ Neopixel Lightsaber

The config. I used to have kart racer and younglings working great, but now they don’t at all.

I don’t think the config file is the problem. It looks simple and free of complications, and there really isn’t a way that the config file can cause sounds from different fonts to mix.

My guess is that this is a problem with the SD card.
Are you using an SD card reader, or are you accessing the card through the proffieboard with an USB cable?
Regardless of which way you’re doing it, are you making sure you do “eject safely” before removing the card or unplugging the cable?
If your board is programmed with the “mass storage” option, you also need to do the “eject safely” before uploading a new program, or you risk SD card corruption.

Please know that “eject safely” can take several minutes if you have made changes to the SD card, and you’re using a slow SD card reader. (A proffieboard is a slow SD card reader.)

Finally; I recommend formatting the SD card and putting all the fonts back from a backup and see if that helps.

I haven’t been safely ejecting and just been accessing it through the usb used to flash the os. I’ll try that one out thank you.