Bad Config compiled but makes board unreadable

I compiled and uploaded the following config to my proffie 2.2:

In retrospect there is a mismatch between MaxLEDSPerStrip and the number of LEDs in my sub-blade. Also, the number of LEDs in WS281XBladePtr is too low at 132.

I’ve corrected those mistakes and set each to 148, the number of LEDs in my main blade plus my hilt side PCB.

The problem is that Arduino let me compile and upload that config to my Proffie 2.2 and now it is both non-functional and unrecognizable by Windows USB device manager. I’ve tried going into boot-loader mode but I can’t upload a known/working config. The config compiles but when it tries to upload I get the 1…2…3….10 message and no change to the board.

Any help is appreciated.

  1. Plug board into computer.
  2. Hold BOOT
  3. Press and release RESET
  4. Check that “STM32 BOOTLOADER” is present in device manger or “printers and devices”. If not, the BOOT+RESET didn’t take, go back to step 2 and try again.
  5. Press upload in arduino. (no port required)

Thanks. I appear to be back on track.

There was an add to ProffieOS a little while back (I think? although I’m not finding it right now) that should now generate an “error in BladeConfig” if the SubBlade values aren’t right to prevent the board from playing possum.