Aux button questions

Hi all, does anyone know a way to do the below?

When the saber is off, if you accidentally tap aux, you change fonts. Im wondering if a press and hold function can be added? Or even double press to change. Sure it wont work with check battery level or volume setting. Maybe they can be a combo or hold power/double tap aux and vice versa.

You’d have to mod your prop file to change the control BUT you’d also have to fix any controls that are then impacted.

It can be done if you know how to modify the prop (which can be somewhat complicated depending on the prop you’re using) or if you accidentally change the preset you can also just use the control to go to the previous preset -or- don’t accidentally press the wrong button :wink:

What prop file are you using?
Different prop files have different behaviors, and if you’re not happy with any of them, you could always write your own. :slight_smile:

I actually use your prop :slight_smile:

Its only on one saber (kr desert wanderer obi) that the button only needs the lightest of brushes to activate.

Im using fett’s currently. Im going to have a good look at them, see if i can work it out.

If it’s OS6 or later you COULD just comment out the command and only use the Scroll Presets menu instead.


          if (fusor.angle1() < - M_PI / 4) {
          } else {

Add “//” in front of previous_preset() and next_preset() and it will remove without impacting anything else.

          if (fusor.angle1() < - M_PI / 4) {
          } else {

Then use control for Scroll Presets as your only method to change presets. Otherwise, you’d have to make a bunch of changes to avoid causing other control issues that use AUX.