“Automatic” preset change with BladeID

Hello guys!

I have finished a thin-neck build that has two 6.7kOhm resistors for BladeID. After much fussing around with wires and data pins I finally managed to get it to work.

I have three config arrays for BladeIDs:

  • reveal (chassis only)
  • no_blade (chassis in without blade inserted)
  • blade (chassis and blade inserted)

Each of these have different blade styles, where some leds are turned off and on.

However, I noticed that the preset don’t automatically change when the saber is ON. I have to flip the kill switch off and on again for the board to recognize the “current/correct” BladeID.

So my question is: is there a way to make this process automatic? So when the saber is ON and with inserted chassis for example, and inserting a blade will then change the preset.

IF you can use Blade detect in tandem with BladeID, it would do FindBladeAgain with the physical change.
Next/previous preset doesn’t trigger the change for you?

If you are not setup for Blade Detect, adding these to your prop file for next/previous preset cases might work:


Next/previous preset doesn’t trigger the change. Only flipping the kill switch on and off does it.

I think I found the place in the prop file (line 317 and down), but I’m not sure where exactly to add these two codes.

I’m going to disable BladeID in my saber either way, since it doesn’t add much to my setup. But I’d still like to know about this mod in the code :slight_smile:

You might want to check this thread: Blade detect | The Rebel Armory

Interesting, thanks for the link.

For this mod to work, do you need to have a Blade Detect wire going to the board? I only have BladeID (so only the 2 resistors). So if I need a dedicated Blade Detect pin, then I’m not sure the code will work.

No, if you have the wire and configure it correctly it should work immediately.
If you don’t have the wire, it need some sort of event to trigger it, so some people have been using the next/previous preset to do that.

Ah, I see. That’s a way to make it work I guess.

So if you use Blade Detect with multiple config arrays (for different blades for example), do you still need a resistor for the BladeID feature? Or does Blade Detect take over that function completely? I can image you’d still need BladeID to measure the resistance values to put in the blade config.

If you have more than one blade, you need resistors.
If you only have a single blade, blade detect is enough.