Atmospheric Fonts

I was hoping for some suggestions of atmospheric fonts in the style of GCS’s Hoth (which uses sounds in the hum) or Kyberphonic’s ANH Training (sounds in the track). Bleeps, bloops, droid noises…maybe planet noises. I use Novastar’s Degobah hum mixed with Kyberphonic’s Little Green Friend for a super Yoda-zone font. And ofcourse ANH Training as I mentioned in Fett263’s countdown thread. I just really like background sounds as well as a good hum…more than music tracks I think.

Any suggestions?

Thanks (especially to the font makers both large and small scale)!

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Lord Blako’s Holocron Meditation is quite atmospheric. It’s basically meant to sound like a Jedi opening a holocron to meditate on The Force. I don’t even use a coloured blade with it.