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I purchased the kyberphonics hero’s sound font pack. My question on what to do is this. After i build the presets/blade styles in my config. When I’m preparing the sd card with a folder for each character of the hero’s sound font pack , what do i need to do as far as each characters quotes going in each folder so they will work when pressing the button for quotes to play? Sorry I’m new and this is my first saber and first time adding/changing sound fonts. Saber is one button control with proffie 2.2. Thank you.

There are two options:

  1. copy files
  2. use font paths

You can see an example of (1) here:

For (2), you would create a new directory, then copy the “font” files into it. Then copy the “quotes” into it afterwards. If it asks if you want to overwrite anything, say “yes to all”. Then do it again for each character.

(2) takes up a lot more space on the sd card, but works better with edit mode since it follows the standard “fontdirectory;common” pattern. (And SD card space is cheap and plentiful.)

Thank you. I will try to follow that, but i still don’t quite understand it all that much. Do i leave the quotes named the phrases that they are? Or do i rename them quote1, quote2, etc etc… And make a quote folder with the quotes in it in each character font folder? I’m guessing this would be method #2. I don’t really understand method #1. Does the sound font need to be on the sd card multiple times, once for each character, named that character to match the preset? Thank you.

In my hero’s pack, the quotes are called force.wav, force2.wav, etc. and you use the “force” button to use them. No renaming needed.

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In each font/character folder, you need a “quote” subfolder and your quotes would go in there named “quote01, quote02, etc…” Then you can toggle between force effects and quotes by pointing the blade downward while triggering quote/force.


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So i set my quotes the way you said, on one of my sound fonts the quotes work but the wrong quotes. My other fonts that have quotes, the quotes aren’t working?

Also on a couple fonts I’m getting false clashes with swings, clash threshold set to 3.5

If you could be more specific, we could help better.
One font “works”, meaning the quotes are triggered? “Wrong quotes” how?
Other fonts set up the same way should work the same way. So what’s different in those that don’t work?

This should be a new thread, and/or have a search, it’s been answered several times.