Assembling to the proffieboard2.2


I’m trying to prepare for connecting all components in my project, where the sword is divided into two zones. The problem is I have to pull most of the wires to the other side and I try to reduce the amount of wires. and here the question arises. Can the diagram I have attached be so implemented? I want to connect one positive cable to the Neopixel tape, LED on the switch, BT, LCD, DC charging. I also want to connect switches, bt, LCD to GND. I know that the generator indicates otherwise, but as I mentioned, i try to reduce the number of wires to a minimum . I also have a problem with the engine. I wish I could control the rotation. How to connect it, to which specific input on the board?
I have attached the generator in mind as what will be submitted. My diagram is ultimately done for the assembly

. I also include an interior design for illustration

Uploading: Schemat.jpg…

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The motor could be connected LED1, which would let you control it in a similar way as an accent LED.

I’m not sure I understand the other questions. You’ll need the wires shown in the diagrams, so pretty much your only ways to reduce the bulk of the wires is to use thinner wires whenever possible. Wires tends to take up a fair amount of space, but there is no real way to answer if it will fit or not without trying it.

I want to assemble like that

Ok? So what is the question?
Did you change something that you’re not sure about?
Also, I can’t really read the diagram, the text is too small.

Its okay now. I will put it together. Thx Ford help :+1: