Arudino 2.3.2

is arduino 2.3.2 safe to download, compatibility wise and all that? Is it compatible with OS 7.14?

Yes, I have used it and it works well. The board selection dialog is a little weird. If it’s confusing, try just using Tools → Port instead, which works the same as it always did.

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ALMOST got it to work. It started uploading to the board, failed at 88%, couldn’t get it to recognize the port after that. Went back to the previous version of Arduino, and got it to work the first time. I wonder if having two versions on the same computer confused it.

I don’t think so.
Usually when it fails to upload, it’s because the cable is not very good, and it got jostled or something during the upload.

When that happens you just go into bootloader mode and upload to get things back to normal.

The latest versions of Arduino as well as the changes in the interface are just weird and there’s a couple frustrating issues. Switching back to 1.8.19 solved it and that’s the version I suggest.