Are rotary encoders supported?

Are rotary encoders currently supported, and if so are there any instructions on how to set them up? I’m thinking of the mousewheel type, with a depress for click. Could be great for navigating menus.

They are supported:

I think it would need a little more work to make it possible to use them to navigate menus though, because there is no RotaryReceiver that generates left/right events currently.

Would o just connect the encoder pins to button pads then?

Any button pad, data pad, or RX/TX will work.
Then you would need to add it to your config file, along with the receiver that specifies what kind of input to generate from the rotary events.

It could look something like this: (in CONFIG_BUTTONS)

ChangePresetRotaryReceiver rotary_receiver;
Rotary<8, 9> rotary(&rotary_receiver);

This assumes that 8 and 9 are the pins it’s connected to.

so this is what I’m thinking of ordering from Mouser: thingy

It doesn’t look like there are any of these with click functionality built in, so I’ll just use a tact switch on the other end of the wheel axel.

Pretty sure that should work.
You’ll be in somewhat uncharted territory, because not a lot of people have something like this in their saber, but it should work:slight_smile:

“I will MAKE it work” Palpatine, probably