Arduino wont upload my config

so here’s my config I don’t know why it wont load i followed a YouTube video to the dot but I cant get it to work any help will be appreciated
saber_config.h (189.4 KB)

Because you typed a period instead of a comma after “old.Mobile.Suit”}

Since that’s the last preset, you don’t need a comma anyway there.

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so i keep getting this error report and i dont know what it exactly means or what i did wrong

proffie report.txt (412.7 KB)

Might be missing an #endif in your config file.
Did you change anything from the config file you posted above, except removing/changing the period?

nope changed nothing but that period

Your config file (minus the period) compiles just fine for me.
If it doesn’t work for you, then it means that your proffieOS files have been changed/corrupted in some way. I suggest re-downloading ProffieOS.

thank you it worked now i just need to get edit mode to work