Arduino upload issue

im trying to upload my file to my proffie board but i keep getting this error
‘C:\Users\Steven’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
and i know since there is a space in my user name steven loki and to add quotes but i dont see where im supposed to add quotes at in any of the text.

This is an arduino bug.
It works with Arduino 1.8.19, but not with Arduino 2.x I think.

A few possible workarounds:

  • Use Arduino 1.8.19
  • Move your arduino15 folder to somewhere outside of your user directory
  • Change your username
  • Run Arduino in a VM

sweet that version worked and it updated on my board but how do i get it to where if i plug in my saber the device comes up in my computer so i can edit the files that are on the sd card like adding fonts? also idk why but my port is still greyd out even though i succesfully uploaded just now

NEVER MIND i literally just moved it a inch to the right and it connected lol

one more issue so i updated all the fonts in the config but i noticed some of them the cross guard doesnt light up for 3 blades im wondering what exactally i have to add in the text for it to use that as well

My guess is that you’re adding new preset structs, but with only one style in them. You probably need two or three styles for your crossguard setup.

If that guess doesn’t help, post your config file so we can take a look.