Arduino IDE and SD mounting

I’m not sure if this is the right spot for this one. When I set the ide to mount the SD card, it doesn’t always work right away. Conversely, when it’s set to not mount, it often continues to do so. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to mount/unmount the card with the ide or the serial console so I have some control over it? I’m on a Mac, btw.

Ideally I’d love to just be able to mount/unmount as needed so I can copy files over when desired without pulling the card and then unmount so when I program they’re ready for proffieos to access.

The Mass Storage option is a programming option, it’s not a real time feature you can turn on and off.
Upload with Arduino menu Tools>USB Type set to Serial + Mass Storage to enable.
The SD card will mount when the board is connected via USB.
It might take up to 30 seconds to do so, so have patience.
Make sure to right click and “eject” the SD card volume from the desktop (or drag icon to trash) before uploading or disconnecting USB.

That’s just it. I expect it to work in the way you describe, but it will mount when it’s been told not to do so if it was recently (I’m talking within several disconnections/reconnections) set to mount and vice versa. It’s like the setting lags. Weirdest thing.

If you upload with USB Type set to Serial only, it will not mount the SD card.

I understand that.

I’m saying that I set it to serial only, and it still mounts the SD card a bunch of times when I don’t want it to. Eventually it stops. Switch to serial+SD, and it doesn’t mount the SD card until it eventually decides it’s going to several connections later. it’s really weird.

I hear you, but could you just confirm that you are indeed uploading
to the board after setting Tools>USB Type to just Serial, as you haven’t explicitly mentioned that yet.

I have never heard of a Proffieboard utilizing the Mass Storage option when it is not programmed to do so, and/or vice versa.

Wait. You have to upload to the board and THEN it sets that? I thought that was setting a state in the IDE, not the board.

Yes. That’s what I said here.

and here , and here lol :slight_smile:

Yeah totally missed that context. Mind blown.