Arduino error

ive been trying to get my config file to verify in arduino for a couple of hours now ive been watching loads of videos and i keep getting one of two errors
"fatal error: config/myconfig.h: no such file or directory
or i get the error please set config_file as above any ideas of what i can do i already have my config file in the proffie os file in my arduino file

Not a lot of information to go on.
First of all, this error:

is BETTER than this one:

So go make sure CONFIG_FILE is set.
Next, you’ll need to make sure that ProffieOS can find your config file.

A fairly common problem here is that people get confused by windows hiding the file extension, so they name the file myconfig.h but windows is hiding the true file extension, which is also .h or .txt, making the full name of the file myconfig.h.h or myconfig.h.txt. If you compare your config file name with other files in the config directory, do they look the same?

If this turns out not to be the actual problem, then here is some general information about what the file structure should look like that might help:

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I ran into this problem myself. I am a programmer (but didn’t spend much time on it right now) and when I tried to compile for ProffieOS 7.8 and double clicked on the .ino file the IDE stated the file must be within a folder called “proffieos” or something similar (I’m recalling from memory as I write this). Then when I placed the config file inside the config folder, “config/my_awesome_config.h” and then hit verify, the error no such file or directory was given. Even commenting that line and uncommenting one of the originals like default etc that comes in the package by default also returned the same error.

I know what the problem is. The config directory is one level up from where the .ino file is located which under 7.8 is NOT in the root directory where the config directory exists. I will try to capture some screenshots later on when I have some time.

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The root folder for the OS needs to be called “ProffieOS”. My path for each install is …/< version >/ProffieOS/ProffieOS.ino, for example.

Ah good catch. Yeah when downloading the latest ProffieOS it was named ProffieOS 7.8. So renaming to just ProffieOS fixed it.

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