Arduino download aborted, fix

I installed my Proffie v2.2 with the new Bladestyle configuration using Arduino (OS7). This resulted in an error and termination (at 4%). My Proffie was no longer even displayed in the system manager on my Win10/64. My Proffie no longer made a sound and didn’t even turn on. I solved it as follows: While the board was connected to the PC, I set the " Boot button" then the “Reset button” both held at the same time and the “Reset button” first released then the “Boot button” without a tool. My PC made the typical sound and it showed up again as Bootload System32. I reassigned COM (Arduino) and was able to reinstall OS7 up to 100%! I’ve only done this 4 times and thought the board was broken. I hope that I can help someone who has the same problem.

We have a page for this:

Feel free to improve the page if needed.

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Ok, I understand, just wanted to help. I’m still new to professional boards. I only knew Asteria before. Greetings Syrth

I understand and appreciate it.
I’m just trying to show you the best way to help. :slight_smile: