Arduino 2.0 is official

Any one try it yet? Supposedly faster compiling. One example said 38 seconds down to 5.
@profezzorn would the plug-in need to update to accommodate the new IDE Version?

I have not tried it yet.
I would assume the plugin should still work, but I think there are new things to support (like the debugger)

i installed it. it takes a little longer to open. it has a better screen with tabs on the top and sides and a dark screen feature that i love . since i’m traveling i haven’t tried uploading a config. i will do that tomorrow. I hope that helps.

Ooof! So bad.

Readme.MD always open in a tab (and shows primarily).
Download (still doesn’t say unpload) and progress bar stacked again?
Serial Monitor now an anchored console in bottom part of same window.
Cmd+Enter to send!!??
No auto-reconnect (need to choose port every boot)!?
Port includes a horizontal list of all board names.
No up arrow to history??
Preferences not a floating window.
Boards Manager now a side bar.
NO time savings compiling and uploading.

I’m out.
I’ll keep my dark themed 1.8.19, thank you.


So basically two steps forwards three steps back huh? That’ll be a no for me. Honestly unless it’s something groundbreaking in terms of ease of use or file size management what we have now is fine. I even went so far recently as to have backed up 1.8.19 and 1.8.20 so all good.

I apologize if my post above is charged with animosity. That was not really my intent, I guess I was just really disappointed that things might be going “backwards”. I’ve become so accustomed to Apple revamping newer OS versions to have less and less of things that I think are so useful, like oh I don’t know…scroll bars, text on mysterious icons, color, selected item info shown in bottom of window, full paths to files, etc… the list is endless. So I was upset that things that were cool were being taken away.
Turns out that many of the mentioned items are either known bugs, requests, or are still in refinement process.
I got reprimanded on the Arduino forum for the same post, and I really shouldn’t have posted that way. Now I feel bad.
Best i can do is this here, which is apologizing for my recognized poor lack-of-judgement.
Think before you speak.
That is all.

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I dunno, a little kvetching should be allowed.

You’re one of the good guys.

  1. I appreciate the candor, although I can as others in our group here have pointed out, be just as deadpan in a reply to the point of offending egos but I also get the fact you got reprimanded or “admonished”. Was it deserved? Meh, semantics. Honesty is its own reward. That said if I was to do the download and see what you said you saw you know I’d be griping just as much. This coming from an admitted “hack” who’ll slice and dice anything and everything for the fun of having done something I saw being able to be done.

  2. Arduino has WAY more people involved and honestly if that’s the case they should have been on this from the start, BEFORE MAKING IT OFFICIAL.

  3. I laughed WAY TO HARD when you immediately went into for what amounts to Tim not being Steve in how Apple does things now, but I’m biased on all accounts. Give it 3 months and let me know then what they fix.

**It’s just fancy flashlight sticks anyhow. :wink:

Don’t even get me started on Apple upgrades! :angry: Much as I love Macs in principle, I concur with you entirely Brian. The trouble is these days you don’t have a choice as more and more websites will steadily become incompatible with your browser at the very least if you leave it too long.

As for your Arduino comments, looks to me like all you did was list stuff you didn’t like about the upgrade and respectfully decline to embrace the new version. Seemed perfectly reasonable to me. :slight_smile: Like you, I’ll be staying with my older version and won’t fix it until it’s broke. :slight_smile: