App for android for prop?

I’ve been working on a prop animatronic hand / gauntlet lately but what I’d really like to do it add some bells and whistles to it.
the gauntlet I’d like to have an android smart phone with an app to add some type of interactive app on it to simulate different interfaces and animations. (like tracking, comms (with audio tracks), maps and such like)
this would only be for show purposes and not actually do much apart from look cool.

the problem I have is I don’t code and as far as I’m aware there is a certain amount of this to make it all work.
I’ve been looking into app development (this is quite daunting as it’s not the way my brain is wired ( I know because I’ve tried programming in the past and it just doesn’t stick )) but it looks as if there are some services / programs that facilitate creating apps without any coding.

as there are plenty of you fantastic people here that may / might know of things to try or places to go, I’d like to ask just that.

I know there is a good chance I’m biting off more than I can chew on this one but I’d still like to have a go at this.

thanx in advance.

One way to go would be to start with the ProffieOS Workbench and modify it to do what you want. Since it’s a browser app thing, it works on Android, the UI is all HTML, and everything is coded in javascript. It that sounds simpler to you, then give it a try. As a bonus, you can also run it on windows and mac, which can be helpful when actually writing the app. The framework to send commands to/from the prop is there, and you can send data over either BLE or USB. Assuming you’re planning to use ProffieOS of course…

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that might just do the trick.
I will have a look and see how hard it would be to modify it to my purpose.
thank you for the heads up!

downloaded the zip file and opened up the code in sublime… and I was right, way more than i can chew :joy:

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