Anyone got a recent config file from a TXQ Proffie saber?

I picked up a prebuilt Proffie TXQ Relic Hunter saber for cheap and am swapping out the chassis and building it back up the way I want it.

But now I want to edit and add the fonts, and tweak the config. Unfortunately there is no config file on the SD. It came with what appears to be TXQs default Proffie SD card fonts, which are a mixed bag, from crap to meh, to awesome. But a few of the blade styles that are included are amazing.

I don’t want to lose those blade styles and do a scratch config if I don’t have to.

Has anyone purchased a TXQ Proffie saber recently and has the config?

I tried messaging the TXQ guy on Reddit, no luck.

Try Discord r/lightsabers?