Any issues with clearing + re-entering fonts?

Apologies in advance; if I may have my paranoia indulged… I plan to start working on my first saber this weekend. At the moment, I have two fonts set up which, assuming all goes well with the install, will be just enough to test the controls and examine how the settings turn out. From there, I pretty much plan straight away to re-do the fonts, so I can compare and see which settings I prefer. Once I have my preference figured, I’ll apply that to setting up a larger number of fonts on my final config.

So basically my question is… is it safe to assume I can clear/re-upload fonts on the proffieboard to my heart’s content/as many times as I want, without causing any issues? Has anyone experienced any problems with multiple edits, where it would be advised to try and get it right the first time?

I know it’s typically advised to set up your fonts before installing, but my understanding is that this advice is based on accessibility to the board/SD card after install. Assuming all goes well, the SD card on my hilt will be easy to access/remove.

Thanks in advance

The proffieboard is rated for a minimum of 100000 re-programmings. The USB connector might eventually wear out I suppose, but other than that you should be absolutely fine.

Oh, and if you add/remove fonts from an SD card lots of times, you may eventually want to re-format the card, as that makes for a cleaner file system, which performs slightly better.