Ancient light saber found

Found this in an old barn. Looks ancient, would not power on. Probably lacking the Kyber crystal.


Definitely pre- High Republic

There was some concept art for TFA that had some ancient hilt designs, and ones was sort of like this, but with a kyber crystal at the emitter which was tied down.

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I need to goto the garage and grab something out of the greeble box that’ll make everyone smile.

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When I was a kid (grew up in the SF Bay Area) there was an event at either Serramonte or Tanforan Mall in South San Francisco where some of the team from up here (I forget the street it was on in Sausalito) were showing off a bunch of random stuff they used for the visual add-ons, what would come to be called “greebles” or “nurnies”. One of them knew my family and gave this to me since he knew I was a fan of all three films. I’ve had it since 1980 or 1981 and wish I could figure out where it’s from. Note, yeah I went ahead and shined it back up so you all can enjoy it in the state it was given to me in. I’ll likely never put it to use as an actual emitter. I means to much to me just as it is.


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