Altchng.wav question

trying to setup a dual phase with a Luke font and Vader font.
I want it to play a specific altchng wav when going from Luke to Vader and different altchng wav when going from Vader to Luke.

Is that possible? Thanks

Just put the altchng.wav in the altNNN folders.

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Does this work as opposed to having 001.wav in an /altchng/ folder?

But this post is inspiring me. I really like the idea of having a blue blade Anakin font that you phase change to a Vader font and the altchng sound is the quote at the end of the prequel trilogy, “Nooooooooooooooooo!!!”

No the altNNN folder is an added component.
Let’s say your font directory is fnord.
Then the altchng.wav would be called: /fnord/alt001/altchng/000.wav
Please remember that the file structure in all alt directories has to be exactly the same. (Same file names, same number of files.) Only the length and content of those files can be different from one alt directory to another.

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