All Three Configuration Generator RGB, GRB, ect

I have noticed that the configuration generator appears to be set to GRB by default but has other options. Can someone tell me what are all the choices and why some of them might be a better choice than others? Thanks for the help

GRB is the standard colour order of most neopixel LEDs. But occasionally you find some LEDs that are different. I’ve found that some 5mm through-hole neopixel LEDs are RGB. It’s easy to spot - if you set your blade to red and comes out green, you have the wrong colour order. In which case you just need to change it in your blade config.

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All the possible choices can be found here:

As Sabersense points out, you want the byte order that matches your LED strip.

I never noticed that the color order could be something other than RGB, or RGBW. Obviously I was not paying attention to all the possible combinations. Most likely because of things that I deal with the order is in RGB order. Thanks for the information.

When you write your blade styles, you should always use RGB as the colour order. I.e. RGB<255,0,0> should always be used for red. Then at the bottom of your config in the blade array, you specify the colour order of your LED strips so that ProffieOS can convert the code to match your strips.

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