All Elements of Preset Work Except for Font File and Quotes

I’m experiencing something odd. I just added a new font to my saber. When i get to it, it doesn’t play the font file. There’s no sound, but if I click ignition it turns on and clash, force, etc all work. However, quotes don’t play either.

All my other fonts on my saber are working fine. The font file and quote files are all labeled properly. Not sure what could be causing this.

Please help, and happy to insert or upload anything that could be helpful.

Thank you!

How did you upload the files to the SD card?
Did you use “eject safely” and wait for everything to finish copying?
If you pull up the serial monitor and use the effects command, does it show all the relevant files as found and numbered correctly?

Uploaded correctly and ejected safely.

How do you pull up the serial monitor and run the effects check?

So I think the files in the Extras folder (What Remains by KSith) are corrupted. They play on my computer, but I swapped out the original font file and with a file from the Extras folder and the quotes I added are from the Extras folder as well. To test it, I swapped the font file with the original file the font came with and it played. Weird.

As I submitted this, KSith just sent a message (cause I messaged him) that his Extras files didn’t convert in his batch converter for some reason and he’s working on a fix.

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  1. Which font?
  2. Do you have config.ini and smoothsw.ini files in the font folder?
  1. Font is “What Remains” (Vader from Obi show)
  2. I do, yes.

From KSith: “The _Extras folder quotes were the wrong bit rate, and is now fixed and will now work! Sorry for the inconvenience!”

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