Aliasing...multiple layers?

I’ve done this before with an entire style, but is it not possible to only part of a style?
I have a nice template of all the effects I’d like to use across multiple presets.
Clash, Stab, Blast, Lockup, Lb, Drag and melt.
I’d like use an alias in the config file pointing to that group of layers instead of repeating it for every preset:

StylePtr<Layers< unique base color here ,
Extention,retraction,preon here >()

I’ve done #include “aliases/MyEffectsAliasFile.h”
which contains:
using MyEffectsAlias =
TransitionEffectL< Clash stuff >,
TransitionEffectL< Stab stuff >,

  • all the rest of the layers here -
    then ending with ;

but I’m getting compile error saying expected a ; instead of a comma token after the first layer.
Syntax checkup please?

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Ok, well I nested all of the effects layers inside a Layers<> and it’s happy. I guess it only likes one self contained element, so you need to encapsulate multiple things inside that for it to work?
Not sure of the terms to call these things.

You can do stuff like this with defines, but you cannot do it with “using”, because “using” can only refer to one thing, not a list of things. Defines on the other hands are text-based (like cut-n-paste) and they don’t care if it’s a type or a list of types or even half a type.

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