Airsoft Bomb Prop implementation

Hi to everybody! I know I’ve been missing for a year or so, but had to deal with some health issues that luckily seem to be past me. I want to make a prop bomb for airsoft games (think of the CounterStike bomb) but implemented on a Proffie since I have so many lying around.
The issue is that for usability purposes, I would like to use a 12V siren to mark the important events (bomb arming, disarming, timer running out). So I would like to:

  1. Feed the board 5V via a step-down converter, but I’m not sure how to connect the MOSFET to feed the 12V siren.
  2. The other issue is that I don’t know how much does a board with a full speaker consumes.

Any pointers?

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  1. Proffieboards can directly control 12v components, just hook up the negative side to one of the LED pads.
  2. A 1A step-down is probably enough, although you may get a little crackling if you crank the speaker. A 2A step-down should avoid that I would think.

Do you really need a siren though? An amplifier of some sort would let you change the sound any way you want to.

Also, welcome back.
Live long and prosper!

  1. But the negative comes from the step down. That wouldn’t be a problem to feed it to the siren?
  2. It’s a 126dB siren. Airsoft fields are huge and I need people in different buildings (the are no glasses in windows) to know when the prop was armed, disarmed and exploded. I haven’t found an easy and cheap solution for generating that kind of sound.

For this to work, there must be a common ground between the 5v and 12v circuits. Normally this is how a step-down converter works though. The input ground and output ground are connected, which means they are the same thing.