Ahsoka Build

I made these about a year ago (when I had time before getting married). My pride and joy is the box. I had it custom made by a guy on Etsy out of cherry… I hand-engraved the lettering, which took literally forever, scalloped the edges, and stained it. I wrote a small “poem” for the inscription, and it reads:

“Time does not tary to pity our sorrow, but leaves it behind.”

First, the hilt assembly. I spent about 50 hours hand-sanding and then polishing:

Both are installed with CFX, haptic feedback, and Neopixel blades:

I started making the box by drawing the lettering and then gluing to the box surface, tracing with a knife, and then peeling the template off:

Final engraving was done with lots of patience and a Foredom rotary engraver:

It looked kind of plain at this point, so I decided to scallop the top and bottom edges before staining. And here is the final product:

The inside is foam overlaid with black leather:


That box came out super nice. That stain is really well done and the engraving is fantastic.

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Thank you! It is Minwax Ebony.

what’s the text translate to ?

It translates to: “Time does not tary to pity our sorrow, but leaves it behind”


Wow is that engraving by hand? Very clean!
What kind of tooling?

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Thank you!!

Yes sir, all done by hand with a Foredom rotary tool. Some small carbide cutting bits make short work of the wood…you just have to be careful not to let it get away from you.