After flashing with config that came with the saber, things are messed up

So i got a neosaber proffie 2.2 wanted to add some fonts , so i used the config that came on the sd card to make sure everything would work. It didnt. All the fonts were in a different order, the power and aux buttons are switched, and the accent light at the bottom of the saber no longer works. Everything else works fine. I assumed the config on the sd was the wrong one, so i asked for them to send me another. They havent yet. Fast forward a couple weeks. I got another saber from korbanth with a spinning crystal chamber. After flashing it with the included config, i get the same thing as my other saber. Power and aux are switched, cc chamber doesnt spin and the crystal only stays one color. I have no idea what the deal is now. Could it be my version of arduino or something? I

You should start by reaching out to the installer for the original config they used. If the config on the SD wasn’t the right one, that would cause your issues and if you uploaded a completely different config than how the saber was wired it would explain it all. But the installer is really the best person to ask since they actually wired it.

Yeah, im hoping that will work for that sa ber. I
The other one though. I know the config i used is the correct one, i even double checked with korbanth and had them send me another one before flashing, and it kinda did the same thing as the other one. So now im thinking maybe it wasnt the config on the other one. In the korbanth config,the power and aux are set to power and aux, as they should be, but on the saber they are reversed. I can get that back to normal by switching them in the config, but the chances of the same thing happening to both sabers after uploading, makes me think its something else. Oh the korbanth is v3 and neosabers is v2.!

Not really following, the buttons are set by the config in CONFIG_BUTTONS section, they are what they are unless you’re uploading a different config than you think you are.

You can check by introducing an error before uploading.

In your config change the “StylePtr” in your first preset to “tylePtr” (remove S). Try to upload, if you don’t get an error you are uploading a different config than you think. If you get an error, fix and upload. If the behavior changes then you don’t have the original config that was actually uploaded.

You can post the config using and we can look but button set up is straightforward.

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;BladeConfig blades[] = { { 0, WS281XBladePtr<144, bladePin, Color8::GRB, Po - This is the last part of the config. When new out of the box, the left button was power, and the right was aux… after uploading the power and/ aux are switched.

Looks normal, if the behavior changed then the buttons were wired/set up differently in original config, only your installer would know. You can swap by switching “powerButtonPin” and “auxPin” values.

Yeah. Ive done that on both. the main thing is the accent light and crystal chamber not working. But the power and aux being switched on both on both configs from 2 differentt companies seems like a big coincidence.

Could the proffie os version or arduino potentially cause this weirdness?

Unless the sabers are identically wired, with exact same led set ups you can’t share the config. You need the correct original config from each and you need to update them and upload them independently.

The CONFIG_BUTTONS section on each config is what defines the buttons via the pad it is tied to, not their location on the hilt.

For the accents and crystal they are defined in the BladeConfig section, there needs to be an entry for each LED “blade” that tells the OS what it’s wired to and the type of LED it is. Then at the top of the config you need to have a matching NUM_BLADES to the number of blades defined in the BladeConfig. And in each preset you need a style for each blade to tell the OS how to light it.

All of these sections are set up by your installer when they first wire the saber and upload the OS, if you’re getting different behavior it’s because you’re uploading a different config. All of these things, buttons, leds, etc. are controlled solely in the config file. So if you’ve lost track of which config belongs on each saber or if you didn’t get the correct config to begin with your installer is the one to help you out unless you are able to track down how it’s actually wired and what is wired to what pad on your own.

Nope, the config controls all of it (see previous reply). If there was an issue you’d get an error message and the config wouldn’t upload. Everything you’re describing would be caused by uploading a config that isn’t matching how the saber is actually wired.

I actually have the neosabers one setup on my desktop. But I was never able to get arduino to recognize it (port was grayed out). Didnt matter as long as I put the saber in bootloader, I could still upload fonts and blades styles, and they work fine, but the accent lights don’t work on any of them. The korbanth I set up on my laptop, using what I’ve learned (only been doing this for a month or so) so far, and everything works as it should. I only have 1 config for each saber, but they are on physical separate machines. So there’s no way I could mix them up. I know how to define what config is used, and both are correct, as I’ve uploaded to both. Thank you so much for going through this with me. So could you look at the config for the korbanth saber. A lot of the styles are yours, i thing from the style creator, and I don’t understand the way code is (I’m guessing because of the spinning cc?) But in any case maybe you could see something. Also I can pretty much tell what is wired to what on both sabers, is that info enough to tell if the bladestyle section is right?

You can post your configs using but I can’t tell you how they’re wired. The BladeConfig section will tell us what the config is telling the OS is wired but if it doesn’t match how the saber is actually wired you’re still going to need the installer to tell you.

I mean i can see what is wired to what pads. I dont know about resistors or anything. Both are laid out very nicely. Anyway, i contacted the guy at korbanth again, so im still waiting on both companies. Is this a common thing? I mean, like i said, what are the chances of both companies providing the wrong config for the only sabers ive ever bought?

This config has one main blade and single pixel for a CC, that’s all.

BladeConfig blades[] = {
 { 0, WS281XBladePtr<144, bladePin, Color8::GRB, PowerPINS<bladePowerPin2, bladePowerPin3> >(),
     WS281XBladePtr<1, blade4Pin, Color8::GRB, PowerPINS<bladePowerPin4> >()
   , CONFIGARRAY(presets) },
Button PowerButton(BUTTON_POWER, powerButtonPin, "pow");
Button AuxButton(BUTTON_AUX, auxPin, "aux");

I should note, whoever set up the config didn’t include the “common” folder which is required for my prop in OS6 & 7 so they should really read the Set Up Instructions :wink:

Ha. Ill let him know. So there should be another line addressing the power for the cc motor that is missing right?

Yes, if there’s something else wired that needs to be controlled it would be defined in the BladeConfig and have styles in the presets to control it.

Well. After confronting the guy at korbanth with the fact that the included config and the one he sent me separately were definitely not the ones that the saber came installed with, he finally sent me the right one and everything works as it should. Now on to fixing the other one. Hopefully Neosabers will eventually send me the right one as well. Thanks so much for your help! Im sure Ill be on here with more questions at some point.