Adjust sensitivity of preset selection while scrolling

Is there a setting I can change to increase the degrees of rotation needed before it changes to the next preset? I have almost 30 and its very difficult to select the one I want. it seems ultra sensitive to rotation.

I also was looking for a setting to control this exact thing.

And I have 70 presets. -.-

If I could set it to require a 1/4th rotation to select the next/prev that’d be awesome.

I’m using Fett263’s prop.

I was poking around in the saber_fett263_buttons.h file and found this line:

float twist_menu_ = M_PI / 2.2; // default Twist Right / Left sensitivity

If doing a search for twist_menu then there are several other instances that reference pi / a number. So there might be other settings that effect each menu system.

I’m not at home to test if any changes to this value make a difference.
I’ll try tonight.

Interesting, if this is just a hard-coded value @Fett263 that seems like it’d be a helpful define to make. I know there’s been several instances of people being interested in controlling the sensitivity of the twist motion in general, both for twist on/off and now for menus.

I set the various sub menu rotations based on a TON of trial and error to find a “Goldilocks” for each mode based on intended use. There isn’t a single value you can just change. If someone wants to mod the various values for the modes they can but it doesn’t really lend itself to a define IMHO. There’s also other factors involved in the menu rotation as it also is tied to the prompts, the rotation is not detected while a prompt is playing, this to ensure the user can hear the individual selections before the next is played, otherwise we’d end up with incomplete or incoherent prompts and it would make the menu very hard to use. The number of presets doesn’t impact the “sensitivity”, it would just mean you have to rotate more times to get through the full list, it doesn’t change how much you rotate to get the next selection.

Maybe sensitivity is the wrong term then. I was referring to how far you rotate it in degrees. Like BlackDragon mentioned, maybe change it to every 90 degrees, then load the next preset.
As for the other menus I actually don’t have any problems with them. It’s just the preset selection that I’d like to change. Is that possible?

You’d have to mod the prop as noted above. I’ve set it up with what I feel is best after a lot of testing and dialing in.

It may also be how you’re turning, I typically take small steps. Turn, pause to hear, turn, pause to hear, etc. It’s a “stepped” dialing, if you’re just turning continuously you’re technically skipping steps because it wasn’t given time to detect the change. Perhaps if you tweak how you’re using it you won’t actually need to mod anything :wink:

Maybe we need: