Additional Voicepacks

@Ronin_Sabers “forty.wav” should be lowercase.
Also, you should strip all metadata from the files (tags).
Grab a “t” sound and add at appropriate amplitude to the end of Select Effect, rotate, revert, default, etc…
You could grab the “th” from the end of mlength.wav to clear up the end of maxclash.
Fade in the harsh beginning of mloop.
Replace the swallowed “settings” in mstyleset for the one in mstylstm instead.
That kind of finessing makes it clearer on the saber speaker.

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Added The_Ronin from Visions.


I appreciate all the pointers @NoSloppy, I got everything updated. The ‘T’ for revert and stuff is just cut off if you’re using a computer to view it.

Right, what I was saying is you could grab a good T from something and add it to the “cut off” ones. like this:

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Added Shin Hati.


Added Clone Wars Ahsoka .

Added Hayden Anakin
and Clone Wars Matt Anakin.

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Added Kannan Jarrus.
Why not at this point ?? :upside_down_face:

Added Maul.

Wow! What’s your process like for creating these?

Capture clean source and edit.
Remove background noise/music/reverb
Train AI.
Copy/paste small chunks at a time dialog from prompt script text file, record output.
String together into one long audio file
Go through and add silence between prompts.
Replace/edit/fix bad inflections/pronunciations.
Detect and auto split prompts into 179 individual numbered files.
Rename 1 through 99 to triple digits.
Batch strip all metadata.
Batch compress/normalize all files.
Run rename script that iterates over a text file and applies to file names.
Listen to each individual prompt back to back to find any drastic volume differences.
Add leading silence to a few of them.
Trim and fade all beginnings and ends
Add or enhance or attenuate S’s and swallowed T’s, fix popping P’s or vocal fry’d E’s and I’s.
Add effect sound files (mup, mzoom, voldown etc…)
Create containing folder and add Readme.txt.
Edit and add character image file.
Create Facebook post and duplicate to 3-4 groups.
Post to Discord.
Post here.


Ok, time for some dumb ideas:

  • jar jar
  • jabba
  • goofy

Lol. I was thinking Chewbacca as a joke.

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Added Ezra.

Added Qui-Gon.

Added old Ben Kenobi

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Added The Bendu.

Ludwig Von Drake
Unkar Plutt

All dumb and I’d use them :slight_smile:

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I think a Mr.Bean voice pack would be HILARIOUS

Rowanatkinson GIFs | Tenor


Surprised no Leia? How about K2SO? Space Mom (Hera)?

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