Adding factory config file

Was give a copy of config files with saber for 1 button and two button saber.cannot add bladestyles without adding config files to to get this?

Ideally, the config file would be on the SD card of your saber.
If it isn’t, you need to contact your installer/seller to get it.

Yeah i did call and they sent the config file seperate,but its just a file that is not attached. How do i attach it so it can be recognized.

Config files have to be compiled (together with ProffieOS) into a firmware, which can then be uploaded to your proffieboard. Please beware that doing so will overwrite all settings and configurations on your board. Adding things or changing things is done by editing the config file, then re-uploading everything. This also means that if you use the wrong config file, your saber might not work properly.

I recommend doing a backup of the program that is on your saber right now, before you go and upload something new.

Here is how you do a backup:

Once that’s done, you can always go back if the config file you have isn’t working properly for some reason. Remember to also back up the files on the SD card.

Once that’s done, you will need to install a few programs on your computer in order to be able to compile and upload the configuration to your board. You have two choices:

  1. Arduino
  2. ProffieConfig

Arduino is old and time-honored, but ProffieConfig is probably easier to use. Just click on one (or both) of the links above and follow the setup steps.

Once the software is installed, let me know if you need additional instructions for how to actually use your config file and do the upload.