Adding Dual Lockup feature to Fett263 Buttons/Proffie

I’d like to create a Responsive Dual Lockup feature. Where instead of one lockup it has two which can be controlled by tilt and twist much the lightening block animation.

Fett263 buttons currently allow that both aux or power can be held to trigger lockup, I’d like to make a parameter where you can define aux or power and clash to be the dual lock up activation. Foe example:
By Using #define FETT263_DUAL_LOCKUP_AUX (or POWER if you want the roles to be switched)
Hold Power + Clash = Responsive Lockup
Hold Aux + Clash = Responsive Dual Lockup

Ideally the Two Responsive Lockup Sections would Converge by tilting or twisting the hilt.
If possible the orientation of the blade when clashed would be the start point for the orientation and then be responsive from that location on.

Style wise I feel like there should be two distinct styles. One where both Lock up location ignite on clash in unison and one where the second lockup is delayed to mimic a second blade impact.

Please let me know if this is a dumb Idea or not!

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Seems like a pretty unique and specific use, probably better to handle at the style level than modding the prop, especially since your proposal only works for 2 button and my prop needs to support 1 and 2 buttons. It can probably be handled via Special Abilities and the new features. Not sure when I’ll have time but we can probably set up a Special Ability that only triggers during a Lockup (via conditions) that would give you access to the second lockup effect at any point during the lockup if needed but not trigger if you don’t. This way you could feasibly have one lockup active from the first blade and then trigger the second at any point when the second blade is added instead of expecting both to always trigger at the same time. I actually had a POC on the concept for Kylo’s battle with Finn where the quillon would get a tip drag added by turning the hilt during a lockup like when Kylo used the quillion on Finn’s shoulder. Probably take a bit of trial and error to sort out the methodology but theoretically not impossible, not easy, but not impossible.

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I’ve seen your Kylo video. It’s actually what sparked up my interest in that feature again. I can start brain storming on One button integration. I personally would like it to be added to the prop file. I think it will be a good Feature for those who like to choreograph. I appreciate the feedback!

Adding to the prop would take up memory for ALL users, adding it as a style control means it only applies if you add the code.

Special abilities, conditional effects, transition states and all of the new stuff we added in OS7 were to give way more flexibility in what can be done without needing to mod the prop. Since the possible features started to outgrow the available controls we added the style control capabilities and my prop can now have an additional 8 separate and unique controls for each preset. This is where I would put this type of feature, not the prop.

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I see, If that works best than I’m all for it. Would it still be a define that controls if the feature is on or off?

Off the top of my head it would be a Special Ability so it would need:


From there it would be handled via style code.

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Remember the @Fett263 demo where the 2 points moved together / apart based on twist, then triggered an effect when they touched?
It’s like just 2 bumps with inverted TwistAngle<> controls right? Sounds like this one could be one lockup spot moves with twist and the other moves with BladeAnglee<>
I feel like the effect is the easy part. The controls would mean making changes in your local copy, that’s all.

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@NoSloppy is that something you’d be able to create/help add to my local copy?

sure let me know

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