Adding custom preons & postoffs in OS7

Hi there,
Im currently still using os6 to code and add preons and postoffs ive created in the style editor.
How would I go about doing this with the code generated by the OS7 library?

Do you mean you’re looking to have the colors and stuff editable with edit mode?
You can certainly use the transition layers that you’ve used with OS6 with OS7.

Hey NoSloppy, yes i mean using the transition layers from OS6 format to OS7, does this make sense?

not really, not to me anyway. If it’s an edit mode compatibility that you’re looking to add, then you’re looking to Argify colors and times and such so they can be edited on the saber with Edit Mode or with the ProffieOS Workbench.
If you’re just looking to add them, then you just add them as-is.
I think specific code examples would help, with a clear description of what you’re trying to do.

Ok I think you answered my question by adding them as is, thank youđź‘Ť