Added a font now long pressing the button doesn't do anything

Hello, back again. After getting help on here to add a font to my new saber I was successful (thank you everyone who helped!), but recently noticed that long pressing the button doesn’t do anything anymore. I have a two-button saber and previously I could change the volume and play tracks by long pressing the second button for a certain amount of time. However, ever since I added the new sound font it won’t do either of those things anymore. It will still switch between sound fonts while off, and make the blaster and lock up sounds while on. I should note that I also got a new battery for the saber around the same time as I saw a lot of recommendations on ensuring the battery is protected, and I don’t think the one the saber came with was protected. Could I have messed something up while adding the new font (I only added a line to the config file, I didn’t mess with anything already existing, and I also didn’t change anything in Arduino)? Could it be the battery? Or is it possible I have a loose connection on the board? Thank you all so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to help out a newbie!

You most likely changed which prop you were using. Compare your CONFIG_PROP in your original config and the one you just updated and then review the controls for the prop. Each prop has different controls.


Thank you! That must have been it. I think the config file the manufacturer loaded onto the SD card wasn’t exactly the one used to set up the proffieboard. I noticed a couple other fonts got added in addition to the one I added myself, so they must have used a different config_prop file than the one they listed in the config.h file. Appreciate your help!