Activating Special Ability

I’m trying to activate special ability 4 for the party saber and I can’t get it to change. I’m just getting force effects. i believe my config is right and i’ll attach it here just in case it’s wrong.
survivor.h (66.5 KB)

You don’t have Special Abilities enabled. See the large note above the selections :wink:

More info on controls and defines here:

I thought I did. Since I have this already in my config.

#include “…/props/saber_fett263_buttons.h”

You need the define as well per the heading :wink:

Special Ability Control Layers (For use with Fett263 Prop File and FETT263_SPECIAL_ABILITIES define)

Got that, but when I try and activate the ability it just changes the color, can’t swing to change.

Refer to the controls on the page I linked above and the Special Abilities listed at the top of the style code.

It feels like I’m not missing anything anymore, maybe I’m just too tired to see exactly what I’m missing.

Which Special Ability is it set for and how are you trying to activate?

Trying to get 4 as that’s what set in the party mode bladestyle. Couldn’t get it to be changed to 6. Also wouldn’t let me add red to the party mode

And what is the control for Special Ability 4 that you’re doing?

Well I’m not sure how to activate special ability 4, but I wanted to move it to 6 so I could twist the saber while holding down the power button but it won’t let me swap it.

Did you read the controls on the page for my prop?

It wasn’t working before but now all of the sudden is!

So you’re all set?

Yup! Just gotta mess with a few more things so that I can actually check battery levels