Accents Strips as Lots of Individual Blades WITHOUT Using Sub-Blades?

Is there a style code for making a 10 pixel accent strip behave as 10 individual LEDs all blinking on and off randomly, preferably in various different colours? I know it can be done by breaking it out into ten sub-blades, but that’s gonna mess up my Blade-On styles, and also make the config somewhat unwieldy.

I was just playing around with the style editor but couldn’t find anything that was quite right. The closest I found was a white sparkle over a black blade, but not only does that run as kind of fades (flares) rather than blinks, but it also didn’t show up on the strips in quite the same way as it did on the style editor, presumably because it’s more intended as a rain blade effect.

Just curious is all as I have an install in which it might work quite nicely. But no biggie if it’s not possible - Proffie gives us lots of alternatives.


You can build a 10 part Gradient.


Or do some layered LinearSectionF<> combos with movement:


There is RandomBlink<> which might do what you want.
(You can put one RandomBlink inside another to get more than two colors.)
If not, use Gradient<> with 10 entries to control each LED individually.


This is perfect! Thanks guys! I knew there would be a way of doing it! Gradient fits the bill perfectly, with various effects/colour combos nested inside them. :smiley:

Exactly what I needed! Thanks again! :+1:

:slight_smile: :pray:

I just had a play with that LinearSectionF effect! Thanks Fernando - it’s amazing! :smiley: I had no idea this was a thing. Will definitely be keeping that one in the accent LED toolbox. :slight_smile:
Thanks again.

You’re welcome.