Accents Led - Don't work

fallen_order_lightsaber.h (12.6 KB)

Hi, I connected accent led with data 2, led 4 and connected the positive directly to the battery and unfortunately it doesn’t work, I attach photos and config file.
I don’t understand why. Thanks in advance

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but it looks as if you’ve wired the data wire to Data OUT on the single pixel (the last photo). It needs to go to Data IN. You can leave the other two wires (grey and white) as they are shorted internally, but you’ll need to move the green one.

I tried to reverse the cables, but it doesn’t turn on anyway

I just looked at your config - are you sure it’s loaded on to the board, as by rights it shouldn’t compile because you only have one blade style per preset, but you’ve specified two blades (one for main blade and one for accent). You need another blade style on each preset to tell the accent what to do.

Is the pixel getting power?

Is the pixel getting data?

I have to try with tester, then I also try to create a config file with fewer presets to understand if that could be the problem.
Thanks for the advices

Resolved!! software problem, I put the basic configuration and the example SD and the accent LED turned on.
Thanks for the advices