Accent blade style needed?

Hi All,
I’ve never quite got my head round coding blade styles that need to continue doing stuff after the main blade retraction, so I’m asking for help with an accent pixel bladestyle I want to build.

I’d like the basic animation to look like this:

  • Accent blinking slowly Blue/Black while main blade is off;

  • Accent blinking faster Red/Black when main blade is on;

  • When main blade is shut off, accent continues to blink fast red/black for a further 5 seconds, then reverts to slow blink Blue/Black.

I know that for those who understand this stuff it’s probably quite rudimentary, but so far it’s defeated me sadly.
As such, any help gratefully accepted.

How about:


My library has thousands of accent styles or you can use Build a Sequence to do custom combos and it will include all necessary code for on and off behavior.

Just choose

Accent LED and change On Behavior to “Custom” in any style to see all accent options
Use Build a Sequence

To help you understand how this works , look at profezzorn’s example in the Style Editor while reading this plethora of words :slight_smile:
The base color is Red, so that’s always there.
It’s covered by a blinking Black layer, allowing the Red beneath to show through when no Black is shown (the alternate blink).
The In-Out Transition Layer template starts with the blade in-out (off->on) transition, which in this case will fade over 300ms from showing the “color when off” to allowing the layers beneath (lines above when looking at the code) to show.
The next argument is the out-in transition, and that’s waiting 5 seconds before doing anything.
After the 5000ms expires, it will go back to showing the “color when off”, the last argument in the template, which in this case is your blinking Blue and Black.

Thanks so much for this guys! It’s exactly what I wanted. :+1: :grinning:

Fernando, yeh I’ve started looking at your bladestyle builder and it’s an amazing resource. The saber community is in your debt - I just need to find a bit of time to sit down and get to grips with it properly. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the breakdown Brian - really useful. Again I’m going to make some time to go through it and really get my head around this. I will get there! :grinning:

Thanks again guys. Will post a vid on the saber page so you can see the context I had in mind. :slight_smile:

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