About smoothsw.ini

I am a bit confused about the file (smoothsw.ini).

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# If not zero, swngNNN.wav or swngNNN.wav will
# be played when we reach this swing speed.
# Unit is degrees per second, 450 is a reasonable value.
# Default is 0.0

# If not zero, swngNNN.wav or swngNNN.wav-----maybe it is wrong ? In the accent swing mode,only swngNNN will be played?
Thank you very much!

I think it should say swingNNN.wav or swngNNN.wav.

Is that the question though?

Thank you .
But the swingNNN.wav is always playing when the saber is moving , so is it different in the accent swing mode?
So I think it only play the swngNNN.wav in the accent mode .

No, that’s swingl/swingh (with the added NNN.wav)

Thank you .
I see the smooth swing ,but I was confused about the accent swing.
What is the different between smooth swing and the accent swing?
Only add the swng.wav ?

smothswing plays swingl/swingh all the time, and alters between them as you keep swinging. It also alters the volume depending on how fast you swing.

This variable controls accent swings, which are played in addition to smoothswing when the swing speed is high enough.

When in the accent mode , the volume of swingl/swingh will increase greatly compared to smoothswing ,is that right ?

My customer wanted to know the different about smoothswing and accent swing . He told me he can not feel what is the aceent swing when playing the saber .

Not sure how to interpret this. swingl/swingh IS smoothswing.

However, there is some ducking of the hum and swingl/swingh sounds when an accent swing or slash is playing. How much ducking that occurs is controlled by ProffieOSSmoothSwingDucking.

To get a feel for how this works, you can just change the swng accent sounds to something obvious that stands out clearly different than your swingl/swingh sounds.
Swing the saber around slowly, then do a quick swing movement to hear the accent sounds.

Since OS6 we also have Acceleration Based Accent swings :wink:

Info here:

In the smoothsw.ini , only the hum will be ducked when an accent swing .

# What percent the hum sound will decrease as swing increases
# Default is 75.0 (value between 1 and 100)

I watched the video carefully, and understood the meaning of the accent swing .
Thank you very much !

This is referring to the smoothswing. So as the motion increases in speed, the mix will blend the smoothswing in more and the hum less.