A180 blaster build using cell phone speakers

So I have a question about using two 28ohm samsung speakers in the blaster. One pointing up and the other pointing down.

If I run them in parallel it would only bring the ohms to 16 ohms. Would adding a 6 ohm resistor be helpful? What would be the best thing to do in this case. to get the best sound out this use case.

Has anyone used cell phone speakers with proffie with good success before?

No, added resistors will reduce the volume.
If you can find cell phone speakers with lower resistance, you will probably get more volume out of it. Higher resistance works fine, but with reduced volume.

In theory, the best thing to do in a case like this is to increase the voltage. With higher voltage you get more current going through the speaker and more volume. However, the Proffieboard amplifier cannot handle more than 5 volts.

It may be possible to raise the voltage using a transformer. A 2:1 transformer would double the voltage, potentially leading to 4 times the volume. Although I’m not sure how large such a transformer would be…