89Sabers Graflex hilt aux button issues

I upgraded my 89sabers Graflex lightsaber from os5 to os6. My chassis has a power and aux button as well as the hilt. After the OS6 upgrade the chassis power and aux button work fine. It lets me change fonts while the blade is off and blast while blade is on. Although when the chassis is plugged into the hilt it won’t change fonts while the blade is off. when the blade is on, aux works fine. I’m assuming it’s a command I’m missing in my config file.
Has anyone else experienced this before?

Please post your config file.

my_two_config.h (150.8 KB)

i looked at quite a few 89 saber configs today and the common define was " #define ORIENTATION ORIENTATION_USB_TOWARDS_BLADE " so i added it just a bit ago but that didn’t fix it either. and again the chassis has a pwr and aux that work fine, the pixels above it work fine. The hilt pwr works great, the hilt aux when blades on works, when the blade is off the hilt aux will not switch fonts. … i know i just retyped my post but this is bumming me out.

appreciate you looking at my config

@Fett263 This is the relevant part of the config. I don’t see what’s wrong.

#include "proffieboard_v2_config.h"
#define NUM_BLADES 2
#define NUM_BUTTONS 2
#define VOLUME 2000
const unsigned int maxLedsPerStrip = 144;
#define ENABLE_WS2811
#define ENABLE_SD


#define FETT263_TWIST_OFF
#define FETT263_TWIST_ON
#define FETT263_TWIST_ON_NO_BM

#define FETT263_THRUST_ON
#define FETT263_THRUST_OFF

#define FETT263_STAB_ON_NO_BM
#define FETT263_STAB_ON

#define FETT263_SWING_ON_SPEED 700
#define FETT263_SWING_ON_NO_BM
#define FETT263_SWING_ON
#define FETT263_SWING_OFF

#define FETT263_MAX_CLASH 16


#define MOTION_TIMEOUT 60 * 3 * 1000
#define IDLE_OFF_TIME 60 * 5 * 1000

#include "../props/saber_fett263_buttons.h"

Can you clarify what you mean “blade is off”. Do you mean the blade is physically removed or not illuminated?

when the blade is not illuminated/ in off mode. the hilt will not change fonts via aux button.

when i turn the blade on and then off from my graflex hilt so i can switch to another font right away it doesn’t.

i added a picture showing the chassis. when in off mode i can hit the aux button to switch fonts. in on mode it does my blasts clash and what aux is supposed to do.

when plugged into the hilt pwr works fine in off and on mode. the aux works only in on mode for blast and clash. it will not change fonts :frowning:

and i am sorry as it feels like i’m repeating alot

2022 chassis

That looks like an Ultimate Works connector. I don’t know the pinouts to understand why in-hilt and out-hilt are behaving.

So it sounds like you have a short or issue with wiring for the button of some kind, my guess is the ground line for your aux button is somehow getting power from a blade pin or is somehow exposed or pinched in the chassis and making contact with some metal that is then also making contact with the negative line (or data) from your blade. Or the ground line to aux is crossed with a line for your blade on one end of the connector or within the connector itself.

You’re going to want to see if there are any exposed wires or any connections that can make contact on the inside of the hilt anywhere or if there are any pinched or sliced wires that are coming into contact with each other.

If you’re unable to find or figure out I would reach out to the installer, it’s a hardware issue not a config issue.

i’m stuck at work until evening time. i bought it off of eBay used. i’ll open it up tonight and see.
thanks for letting me know it’s not a software issue

from the hilt side, can i use the same ground connection the power button is using for the aux ground?

yes, that’s how I usually wire my sabers. But if you have a short somewhere you’ll still want to address or you may have more issues down the line.

there’s nothing in the software that would make the buttons act differently when the blade is on or off.

Let me insist that it looks more like an Ultimate Works saber, not an 89Sabers. Pach Store is the seller and they have excellent customer support. And they do use Proffie and Asteria in their cores.

So there is one thing that could potentially make a button act like this, and that is if you replace GND with LED1/2[1] on the button. LED1/2 is grounded when the blade is powered. So if the blade is not powered, the button would not work.

Now “powered” and “ignited” are not quite the same thing. Most of the time, ProffieOS can figure out when blade power is not needed anymore and it can then power down the blade, but for some blade styles that doesn’t work, and the blade is always powered.

I suppose it’s possible that someone wired a saber that way, used a blade style that is always powered to test it and came to the conclusion that it works, but that seems like a weird set of circumstances to me.

[1] or some other LED pad which is only powered some of the time

@ profezzorn & Fett263
yes, this is wired from the proffie to a kill switch, then to 2x momentary switches with LEDs just on the chassis side. That is wired to a pcb connector that meets in the hilt. i tried tracing the wires in the chassis by color and using a proffie diagram. i got the just of it but it was very tight quarters to see everything. Knowing what i saw on the chassis side of the pcb connection i got inside the hilt and tied both pwr and aux grounds together and used pwr’s ground pin that it was already soldered to.

Everything seems to be working at the moment. :+1:

and honestly, i really do appreciate the help and insight but mainly for you guys to just respond to my post. To make the time and help ppl out like this. you guys are amazing…thank you.