64x32 OLED Display Support

The 128x64 display support is working great. But I can’t squeeze it in the DL-44 scope. I have a 64x32 OLED that fits. I modified my config with:

SSDI1306Template<64, uint32_t> display(0x3C);

The display comes out jumbled. Looks like the height is right but I’m not sure that width is supported?

I added support for these, but I haven’t actually tried it yet, so it’s not entirely surprising that it doesn’t work right.

I also need to adjust what we display so that it doesn’t get cut off on the smaller display.

Are you trying to display a BMP? If so, could you attach the BMP?

Thanks! Yes, .bmp files. I’m attaching one static and on that’s supposed to loop.boot(static64x32).bmp (320 Bytes) boot(64x32).bmp (21.1 KB)

Hey that’s my boot animation! nice.

Ha! Thanks! I cropped it down to use as a static test.

I had it as a pbm though so it’s not inversed and doesn’t loop.

Any update?


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Thanks! Ha, I got impatient and managed to sand down a128x64 to fit but I’m still going to test this out.

That’s some pretty amazing cram-fu.

LOL! Thanks!

Do we have to include the #ifdef Config_bottom stuff at the bottom of the config? Or does the new 64x32 support negate the need for those lines?

For now you still need it.
I might change some of that before 6.x is released, we’ll see.