360 blade/crystal chamber

Watch around 3:00 mark

I saw this video today, and it had me wondering, has anyone tried something like this for a lightsaber blade?

I know crystal chambers have a single led that spins on a motor, but what if the entire led segment of the blade could spin? Only difference here is the battery would have to be an 18650 or something similar.

Because the pixels are so small, I believe this could create a very realistic fire effect, while reducing the amount of LEDs needed to fit inside the blade, cutting costs and increasing realism.

With 6 smd 2020 in a row, the central 4 could be the primary blade and the outer 2 could be the flickering flame.

He goes into great detail of how he did it on his website here.

It would most likely have to be held together by something strong on the other side, but it gave me some ideas and wanted to see if anyone has tried this before.

This would remove the need to use blade diffusion foam, and the remaining 4-6mm D for the PC blade tube could be more transparent instead of thick white.

I doubt it could be used for stunts but I’m curious as to how it would look.

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The closest I’ve seen to this in a blade was someone who tried to make a darkblade by making a sort of H-shaped spinning blade where light only comes out at particular angles.

Spinning blades are hard hard, and possibly dangerous, so I don’t think anybody has seriously tried doing anything like this. Also proper persistance-of-vision requires manipulating the color output much faster than what neopixels are actually capable of.