3535 vs 5050 strips

I accidentally bought some 3535 strips because they looked more like the ones I already have in my old blade (compared to the listed 5050s that look a lot wider). As you can see from the photo they visually looks similar.

Are these directly compatible for blade use? Also, I’m guessing they will be a bit less bright, but any issues besides that?

All my sabers use 3535 strips, you actually need less diffusion on them which allows them to end up just as bright in my experience. I just run the foam and diffusor sleeve in a clear blade with mine and they are just as bright in person as the 5050 with all wrap and sanded blade and I think the color is better in clear blades as a result.

Ah cool. Do you heatshrink the strips too? I favour clear blades. The one in the photo is, but the strlps have died and even trimming a pixel off doesn’t fix. I find trimming also makes it harder for the solder joint to stay strong.

I do not. Just the foam and tube.

I used 3535 strips exclusively in all of my hand-made blades. I still will. I am now trying to use KR V2 strips, because its quicker to build a blade with them.

I’ve used mostly 3535 strips as well.
They are especially handy when making 7/8" blades.

Right, wired the blade up and it works at least. I’ve got it set up with pixels strips > foam > diffusion tubing > blade. I’m getting corncobbing as the strips are too loose in the foam. I’m going to add some shrink wrap to the strips that I have on the way.

I’m an 8mm APA105 guy. 5050s

There is always thinner…made a 10mm “Star Wars Rebels Thin Saber” out of 2020 LEDs using a plastic straw for diffusion which worked well enough. 1/2" OD 1/4" ID Arcylic tube is arguably a better size because of wall thickness, but have been unable to find it “frosted”,…the clear with sanding doesn’t diffuse very well so you end up with an overly bright core. I have found 500mm frosted on Ali Express but that’s more of a “lightsaber Dagger” than “Saber”.

Working Link to Video on Tik Tok: https://www.tiktok.com/@shinkaze/video/6918985401151540486


How “whippy” is that though?

The 2020’s come in 500cm strips, so have only made a short blade, but it’s is very stiff,

Here it is compared to a Custom Saber Shop KR Pixel Show blade 7/8" OD x 35.375"…http://darthunicorn.com/_img/2020-lightsaber-vs-KR-.png