32 Bootloader not showing up on zadig or my control panel

I can’t get the bootloader to show up on zadig. I reset the board and proffie shows up on my control panel. I can’t get 32 Bootloader to show up on control panel eather. Any ideas what I missed? Or course of action here.

Are you doing it right?

  1. connect board
  2. hold BOOT
  3. press and release RESET
  4. release BOOT

If you are doing it right, but it still doesn’t show up, then it must be a hardware problem of some sort, either:

  • … the cable isn’t working (this is by far the most likely)
  • … the computer or the USB port isn’t working
  • … the board is broken

When did it stop working? What was the last thing you did or changed? Was it working before?

Not sure I went in to zadig earlier today got it to show up installed in as the driver. It’s not there I do notice when I hold the button and hit the other to reset it’s pretty delayed before the sound. My port doesn’t say com 4 eather it list two ports for proffieboard: serial then the other is USB composite device. I do see system 32 driver for the USB composite device in it’s driver details.

Ok I got the board to reset stm 32 Bootloader showed up on my device and printers finally. I’ll see what happens.

Does that mean zadig is set right if you see stm 32 Bootloader? Just the comm port isn’t showing up on Auridino os.

No. If you can upload programs to the board, then zadig was used correctly.

Either the board is crashing, in which case you need to re-program the board to make it work again. (you can re-program the board without a port when the board is in STM32 BOOTLOADER mode.) Or… you used zadig wrong and installed some weird driver on the proffieos device, in which case the solution is to uninstall that driver.

This video walks through how to fix it if you run zadig wrong:

Ok I have gotten it before . I’ll just back up some and find out what it is . Thanks👍

You might get reprimanded for posting screenshots…

If this helps, when booted normally, the Proffieboard should be the USB Composite device and it should be using the driver usbser.sys.
When the board is in STM32BOOTLOADER mode, it needs a one-time driver install with Zadig and should use WinUSB v6.1.7600.16385

These are not screenshots.
These are photos of screens, which is even worse.
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Ok maybe that was it. Anything helps. Ok probably just better to remove everything and go step for step on the direction. Not sure why it’s a problem connecting maybe something just gets added in. Not sure what the best solution is. Thought there would be more videos online. The ports video helps .

Ok . I figured it all out . Just advise for new proffie installers. Slow down follow the Hubble page, do everything listed if you are having a big problem you probably got a bug somehow. Uninstall everything make sure a serial port isn’t in your device managers. If it is remove it. There’s a video for that also make sure you have the right drivers and even uninstall zadig as well. Then you can start from scratch. I think zadig was my problem. Anyway hope that helps someone. When it’s all done you will see a comm show up. The rest is just having a configure file that checks out. When it’s finally downloaded like mine that’s it. It checks it the it checks it again then it finally goes to the board.:+1: