3.3v pad reading high

so I un-shelved one of my sabers last night and within minutes I got a warning beep and a message for low battery.
after that it comes on within a second or two.
I checked the battery with a meter and got 4.05v
5v pad reads 5.17v
and 3.3v pad reads 4.87v
is it wise to assume that U60 has died all of a sudden and needs replacing?

What does it measure with USB power only?

3.3v reading higher than 3.3v is bad, and will damage things.
It sounds like there is a short, either inside, or under U60.

it measures 4.79v on usb power, so still very high.

daft thing is that i used the saber for months before i put it on my shelf.
been there for nearly a year and took it down for a party.
put a fresh battery in it and gave it a full run through, then this happened?

I did try to reseat the u60 chip with my hot air solder gun but no change.
I think i will see if i can get hold of some but it is so small.

It’s 1x1mm.
Not impossible.
Here’s a somewhat sloppy but successful replacement:

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Thanx @NoSloppy i will give it a go

Update. I got 10 through the post yesterday so i will try and get some time to have a go at relacing it.
Fingers crossed i dont ruin the board.