2 weeks to drain battery

Good Evening all

one of my sabers(all v3.9 boards) seems to drain the battery when idle/sleep in about 2 weeks, my other 2 seem to last at least 2 months(can’t remember when last charged), i believe they are all weird the same main blade and a crystal chamber and a resistor on data 2 lines, have verified the CC does sleep after 15 mins

Post your config, and we’ll take a look.

as requested :slight_smile:

I had a similar issue a few years ago and it ended up being a short on the Shtok PCB I installed. I suspect it was something that got in after the fact since it was fine for ages.

just done a continuity test on all my pins and nothing was dected apart for + to + etc

Does it work better if you remove ENABLE_SERIAL?
(Or do you need that?)

Will try and flash a new config tonight and report in a few weeks :slight_smile:

It would be significantly faster to measure the current draw, but that would mean disconnecting something while doing the measurements…

Hi all

Sorry for not replying sooner, got busy but had time to do some tests

Removed enable serial and also changed the data2 resistor just in case a miss label and excessive drain from that bought some from a trusted source and no go

But what I have found tonight is a fully charged battery reports as 50% from spoken battery lvl and a battery from another saber that says 51% in the problem saber it said 5%

So I guess I have a wiring problem but unsure where :frowning:

I’m also very much a novice am a guy who can solder and follow instructions so not sure how to measure things properly and safely

If there is that much of a voltage drop, I have to ask; Does anything get warm?

Just plugged in a fresh battery and have it idling now

Any method you want me to test?

Could it be a bad board also by chance?

So far nothing feeling warm, have left it to idle, woken it and left it again

Wait, how do you know the battery is empty after two weeks?
From what you said above, it seems like this saber reports a 5% battery, when it’s really 50% full. Is that’s what’s been happening the whole time? Maybe the battery isn’t actually empty after two weeks?

The saber goes completely dead, I get the low battery warning then won’t switch on, and my charger reports the battery as empty also

Am very confused

Fresh battery over night lost 6% with it set to sleep after 15mins, one of my others sabers same sleep timer still says 100% from over night sleep

Trying to get you more info so far have measured the batt positive pad and batt negative pad with blade off 3.5v and blade on is 4.1v, 5v pad was 5v

On the good saber blade off is 4v

Trying to assist so would love any pointers

May have found something

Led 2 and 3 are joined for main blade and confirmed with a continuity test but led 5 is also joined to 2 and 3 and confirmed with the test

Working saber led5 fails the test with 2 or 3

Just cut the wire for led 5 which was for the crystal chamber and battery is now saying 100%

Have no idea how it’s bridging with the other pads

No victory yet, jumps from 99% to 47% randomly now and LEDs pads 2/3/5 are connected still

Maybe use pad 4 or 6 instead of 5?
(and update the config accordingly)

Had a spare chassis from when I upgraded a saber to a master, I’ve removed the board and cleaned it up, not sure I want to do that again as quite fiddly for first try :slight_smile:, just went for a straight rewire and 100% battery reported, so I buggered the original board or it had a slight fault, either way it’s looking solved