2 weeks to drain battery

Good Evening all

one of my sabers(all v3.9 boards) seems to drain the battery when idle/sleep in about 2 weeks, my other 2 seem to last at least 2 months(can’t remember when last charged), i believe they are all weird the same main blade and a crystal chamber and a resistor on data 2 lines, have verified the CC does sleep after 15 mins

Post your config, and we’ll take a look.

as requested :slight_smile:

I had a similar issue a few years ago and it ended up being a short on the Shtok PCB I installed. I suspect it was something that got in after the fact since it was fine for ages.

just done a continuity test on all my pins and nothing was dected apart for + to + etc

Does it work better if you remove ENABLE_SERIAL?
(Or do you need that?)

Will try and flash a new config tonight and report in a few weeks :slight_smile:

It would be significantly faster to measure the current draw, but that would mean disconnecting something while doing the measurements…