2 blown boards

Long time reader first post.
Let me say thank you to all the posters about proffie repairs. I accidently blew 3 boards over the last year due to rushing my solder work.
Due to everyone working on ideas to repair them with the chip problems, i have finally fixed my first board and my custom saber work is back on track.
Granted it was blown fets but i found the answers here and again want to thank yall in the community for the help


Wow that’s amazing. It would be great to see a Work in progress of how you fixed it with picture but I’m glad you found the issue.

Havent veen here in a while, life got in the way.
I had read that there are 6 fets and checked the other 4 and they were good so i soldered to those and changed the config to use them instead. Here is a shit of the finished saber.

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